​His and Hers 

Why join a farm share CSA?  Unparalleled freshness and taste!  Why buy and eat produce and vegetables that have been sitting around for days when you can purchase freshly harvested delicious foods?  Most of the time grocery shelf produce has been sitting in the store for a few days, not to mention the time those same foods spent sitting in a distribution center, or on a truck being shipped across the country to each store's location.  

Let us introduce you to our Farm Share program. Farm Shares are a way to subscribe to His and Hers Farm Market.  When you buy a farm share CSA that same farm share allows you to receive regular deliveries of fresh seasonal produce and vegetables each week throughout the growing season.  (Usually late May through mid-October)

Our farm share members are able to customize their vegetable boxes by selecting seasonally available items they prefer, order farm fresh cage free eggs, veggies, and pasture raised chicken and pork.  Members can cancel share delivery while on vacation .  Farm Shares are delivered to a designated convenient local location weekly, or you are able to pick up the weekly share basket here at our farm.

Our farm's goal is to provide the Mountain and Uniontown areas with the most delicious, fresh, healthy, tasty foods available.  We view our farming as a way to help others eat healthy and we take pride in growing and providing the best flavors that nature can offer. Even though we are not USDA certified organic, we do offer only wholesome non-GMO (genetically modified) products.

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Think you are ready to sign up for a weekly delivery and farm share?  Message us at hisandhersmarketgarden@gmail.com or phone us at 724.317.6604.  We are waiting to hear from you!