or.........You can find and taste some of OUR PRODUCTS AT These Fine LOCAL BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS

  • Falls City Pub - Ohiopyle PA
  • Chalkhill Superette - Chalkhill PA
  • Haines Meat Market - Bruceton Mills WV
  • Mount Summit Inn - Farmington PA
  • Caporella's Restaurant - Uniontown PA
  • Touchstone Center for Crafts - Farmington PA
  • Stone House Butcher Shop - Farmington PA
  • Mountain Peoples Coop - Morgantown WV
  • Christian Klay Winery Store - both the Chalkhill and Route 4O stores
  • Deep Creek Farmer's Market 

You can call us on our mobile phones

You can send us aN email 

​His and Hers 

​​724-317-6604, or 412-691-7151


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  • Here at the farm = while most times we are usually out in the field, if you call and let us know that you are coming we will watch for you!